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Ceramic/Porcelain Tiling

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles provide a high quality cost effective alternative to stone. With a vast range of styles for floors, bathrooms and kitchens, Precision Tiling will ensure the best possible installation of your selection.

Heritage Restoration

With the undoubted beauty of federation Australian homes, Precision Tiles can assist with rejuvenating and restoring classic patterns. We are experienced in installing tessellated tiles and heritage patterns in any environment.

Pool Tiling

Take one of your biggest property investments to the next level with a wide array of quality materials and finishes for your pool. Our installations are meticulously installed with products suitable for wet areas.


We offer the highest standard of waterproofing services as a prequel to our tiling installations. We protect bathroom renovations, balconies & any indoor or outdoor areas from water damage using industry leading membrane products.

Natural Stone, Cladding & Tiling

Natural stone provides a stunning finish for any surface in any environment. We can help source the highest quality material while our installations are carefully managed and meticulous to ensure maximum impact for the material selection.


Take your outdoor environment to the next level with the latest style pavers and high quality installations by Precision Tiling. Our comprehensive range of landscape services include excavation, land preparation and paving installation.


Precision Tiling offer a full range types of caulking services to help prepare all wet and not wet surfaces across residential, commercial and industrial surfaces. We ensure all gaps are filled perfectly no matter how big or small to join gap

Cement Toppings

We are highly experienced in all areas of masonry finish including cement topping. This process allows the rejuvenation of an existing concrete floor by adding a thin, but effective, render layer over existing concrete to provide a high quality finish.

In addition to our high-end experience in tiling installation and supplies, Precision Tiling are also licensed builders. We employ an extensive team of both in-house and contracted professional tradesmen offering a range of additional services including demolition, rendering, waterproofing and tiling.

Over the years we have established many significant industry contacts ranging from builders, consultant’s architects and designers. Ask us how we can help you in your next construction project.



High quality tile installations for any residential home. From new homes, renovations, kitchens and bathrooms, we take the time to locate and install a vast range of materials to suit your style and personality.


Whether it be a restaurant, retail environment or office, our approach to commercial tile products and installations always ensures an aesthetic, high quality finish and long term use and durability.


We have extensive experience as government tiling contractors, particularly in relation to safety and quality work standards. We understand and deliver a balance of aesthetics, durability and cost effective outcomes.


We provide high cost effective solutions with a focus on long term use and durability. We consider the vast sizes of industrial spaces and deliver a perfect balance between speed and quality.

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